Tester in Charge (1.3.190)

A Tester in Charge, will be responsible for defining and controlling the testing activities; ensuring that suitable and sufficient evidence is gathered to confirm that the system meets the requirements appropriate to the application, and is fit for entry into service.  They will be capable of identifying the testing requirements and developing a test plan which is sufficiently robust to ensure that the system meets the requirements.  They will also be capable of modifying the test plan as required, in a controlled manner, and dealing with situations that may arise which result in restricted use of the system.
Applicants for the award of a licence in this category must hold or have previously held a Signalling Functional Tester licence (1.3.170), Signalling Electronic Systems Tester (1.3.260) or Principles Tester licence (1.3.180) which has not been revoked.


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