Combined Signalling Maintainer & Fault Finder (1.4.230)

You, as a Signalling Maintainer and Fault Finder will be capable of:
• maintaining or rectifying signalling equipment and systems
• completing integrity checks on your own work
• instigating testing where necessary 
• identifying where independent testing is required
• locating and diagnosing faults in signalling equipment where the preservation of evidence is not necessarily required.

The type and range of problems and faults cover both simple and complex faults due to environmental factors, equipment ageing, human error, inherent design problems and may be either right side or wrong side failures.

If the work will go beyond your limits of authority as a faultfinder then your responsibilities are to ensure the safety of the system and preservation of evidence, and hand over the work to an incident investigator or other authorised person.

Signalling systems and equipment include: • Points, • Train control, • Power supplies, • Train detection. (Train control equipment may include signals or some other method of authorising train movements, train detection may include track circuits or axle counters). 

The assessment should normally cover three of the four systems listed.  Exceptionally, the assessment may cover an applicant who specialises in a more limited range of systems; where an appropriate level of competence can be demonstrated.


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