Engineering Manager

Engineering Managers (Engineer) will have responsibility for managing information to recommend decisions to Lead or Senior Engineers.  They will be capable of seeking correct information, analysing the information and recommending decisions.  They also provide advice and information on aspects of S&T engineering within their job role.  They will be capable of managing the activities for which they are responsible, ensuring that the safety of the operational railway is taken into account in all aspects of their area of responsibility.

Engineering Managers (Engineer) will, within the field of either railway signalling or telecommunications engineering, perform the following:

  • Assist with the making of critical decisions
  • Manage activities

There are two mandatory Units (Units 3 and 4) for which applicants will need to demonstrate competence [*].  Applicants will also need to demonstrate competence in at least one of the following optional modules covering their area of responsibility.  See below for more details.

  • Module A – Corrective and Preventive Maintenance
  • Module B – Installation
  • Module C – Testing and Commissioning
  • Module D – Audit
  • Module E – Design
  • Module F – Project Engineer
  • Module H – Technical Investigation
  • Module L – Produce Specifications
  • Module M – Engineering Studies

* Note: Units 1 and 2 are part of the Lead Engineer licence category, and are not applicable to the Engineer licence category.