Jointing of Telecommunications Cables (Copper)

Designed for Installation and Maintenance staff with little or no experience of cable jointing.


At the end of this course successful delegates will be able to:

  • Select the correct cable, given the cable identification
  • Describe the basic construction of cables used on the course and state their main use
  • Practically demonstrate competence in cable jointing
  • Continuity cable test, detecting open circuit or high resistance faults
  • Insulation resistance testing using the correct meters and recording results
  • Ensure all cable jointing is carried out in a safe manner according to rules and safety instructions

Entry Requirements:

N / A

Course Summary:

  • Introduction, including rules and safety instructions
  • Cable construction and their uses
  • Practical selection of various cables, identifying type, size, manufacture and construction
  • Theory of cable jointing methods
  • Preperation of cable for jointing
  • Cable jointing practical
  • Applying heatshrink closures to joints as per manufacturers instructions
  • Continuity and insulation testing, associated record keeping
  • Developments and problem areas
  • Practical and theory assessment

Duration: 3 days   |   Delegates: 6   |   Venue: RT Training Solutions in Ipswich