Our Training Academy

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Through the main entrance to the RT Training Solutions building in Ipswich, you are greeted with our comfortable Coffee Lounge, where clients and staff alike can relax in front of our large screen LCD television.

Built to purpose in 2008, this area is welcoming and encourages communication and co-operation between office staff, trainees, and visitors to RT Training solutions, creating an ambient environment for all.

Featuring a kitchenette where hot and cold beverages can be prepared, our Coffee Lounge also provides comfortable arm chairs, sofas, casual tables and a food area.

Snacks are available, and literature is provided.

Training Courses at a Glance

Within the entrance foyer there is a large screen displaying up to date information on courses available, our classrooms, and other relevant information. Literature is also available for perusal, and a sign in book.

Free Wireless Internet Access

In addition, we have free wi-fi across the lower floor, enabling visitors and staff to freely connect to the Internet from their laptops, and other mobile handheld devices, encouranging communication and productivity even when away from the working environment.