Axle Counter Installation & Maintenance





Designed for installation staff with little or no experience of axle counters.


At the end of this course successful delegates will be able to:

  • Interpret axle counter schematics and diagrams
  • General appreciation of axle counter principles
  • Installation of axle counter heads and sub-rack
  • Maintain the Axle Counters to current SMS

Entry Requirements:

Ideally the delegate would have attended Basic Signalling One or Two and EISS courses prior to the Axle Counter Installation and Maintenance course.

Course Summary:

  • Introduction
  • Axle counter circuits and schematics
  • Axle counter principles (general)
  • Installation procedures – theory
  • Hands-on installation of axle counter heads
  • First-line maintenance
  • Developments and problem areas, including axle counter communications link investigation report from the WCML
  • Practical first-line faulting and repair
  • Reset and restore
  • Practical and theory assessments

Duration: 4 days   |   Delegates: 6   |   Venue: RT Training Solutions in Ipswich