MoD Testimonials

RT Training Solutions gave me the boost I needed...

I am a Commonwealth soldier who is leaving the Army forces after 6 years based in Germany. I was recommended Rail Tech Training through a friend.

With no previous knowledge of Railway Signalling, RT Training Solutions provided me with the training and qualifications I needed in order to achieve my goal of becoming an Assistant Installer.

After successfuly completing my training with them as my Resettlement Course this year, RT Training Solutions have broadened my horizons and taught me various disciplines which include Diagram Reading, Electrical Principles, Electrical Installation Signalling Standard (EISS) and Basic Signalling.

My aim is to be an Installer by the end of this year and I believe that I have made the right choice with their training.

With professional and excellent instructors, I would recommend RT Training Solutions to anyone who is leaving the forces and who wishes to pursue their career within the Rail Industry.

Moore Luveniyali
64 SQN
8 Transport Regiment

Where I Was
I joined the Royal Navy on the 3 February 2003 as an Operator Mechanic (W). I was one of the many who fell in to the recruiting trap.

Many things pushed me to submit my notice e.g. long periods of time away from my family & home and with the ships programme changing so frequently I was not able to plan my life.

At the time submitting my notice was as hard as joining up, the fear of change and the fear of the unknown. The banter in the mess room where all the salty sea dogs used to say "if you leave what sort job would you be able get thats on par to this and still earn good money?" Well this is it!

Where I Am
I found out about RT Training Solutions through the Armed Forces Resettlement job search site, after applying for several jobs RT Training Solutions was the only one that I received a reply from.

I started with RT Training Solutions  in March 2007, then known as Rail Tech Group, due to the fact I had some transferable skills gained from my time within the forces e.g. mechanical / electrical, I was entered on to a fast track programme.

Every time I pass a technical course I receive an increment in salary. I hope to qualify as an installer in the very near future.

Where I am Going
My ambition is to become an IRSE Licensed SMTH Team Leader within the first 2 to 3 years of employment, the moment the average annual income for that grade sits 40Kper annum - and I want some of that.

The Transition
The transition from Navy life to life within RT Training Solutions has been relatively easy, you're told where to go and what job needs doing, the only difference is you might be working in another part of the country and going home at weekends - not the other side of the world and being away for from family for months on end. Its like a round peg in a round hole.

- Ben Sampson - "Been there... Done that"

Since leaving the R.A.F employed as a Regiment Gunner I have taken up employment with RT-IS as an Assistant Installer of signals and telecommunications.

Making a transition from military life is hard but with my technical qualifications and planning coupled with RT Training Solution's training program it was made a lot smoother. Their technical training school and instructors are first class and exceeded all my expectations. Excellent equipment and experienced staff make the learning experience enjoyable, realistic and professional.

I have been employed with RT-IS for five months now and I am very happy with the progress I am making both technically and professionally, they manage to strike a good mix of experience on track and in house technical schooling allowing you to apply what you have learnt whilst gaining valuable working experience with the team leaders and installers.

I am currently working towards my I.R.S.E installer licence. My short term goal is to have completed my licence by November, mid term is to gain Team Leader and long term is to enter middle management within the industry. I hope to reach my goals with RTIS.

Training completed with RT Training Solutions:

  • Personal Track Safety
  • Electrical installation
  • Diagram reading one
  • Diagram reading two
  • Axle counters
  • Basic signals one
  • Basic signals two
  • Plant Machinery
  • Manual Handling

Non Railway Technical Qualifications:

  • BTEC advanced wireless Lan/Wan design
  • BTEC copper and fibre cabling
  • BTEC security systems installation maintenance
  • Command post signaller

I find that RT Training Solutions is a true investor in its employees and that is very hard to find in todays employment market. I feel I made a sound choice when choosing this company as my employer.

- Mark Price

“RT Training Solutions gave me the opportunity to build on the skills I learned within the Navy. The training they provided has propelled me to the position of responsibility that I am at today, which is site manager”

- Keith Hall - Royal Navy 1992-2000

“Their service is professional, friendly and highly competent. We would recommend RT Training Solutions to anyone seeking rail industry based training”

- Ann Hopkinson - Amey Inter-Urban