Overview of Rail Industry

 What is it?

Signalling engineers predominantly work within small teams undertaking signalling installation and maintenance activities on the UK's railway network. Their core responsibilities is to ensure that they install and maintain both old and new equipment to the recognised industry standard and to undertake this in a safe and efficient manner.

What is Involved?


From day one you will be in the hands of our qualified trainers skilled in technical, electrical, telecoms and safety disciplines.

During your chosen course you will be in the company of other service leavers, where you will be able to share your experiences and reflect on each days learning.



Why choose the Rail Industry?

The mechanical or electrical engineering skills you may already have, are highly transferable to the Rail sector.

As the government seeks to reduce traffic and congestion on our roads, rail passenger numbers are increasing. This in turn has resulted in an increased demand for railway signalling engineers.

Network Rail spends around £14 Million per year maintaining and improving the rail infrastructure. There is a £26 Billion budget in place for the next five years and the future of the Railway is increasingly strong.

Whereas other sectors are struggling in these hard times, the rail industry continues to thrive. With more money available than ever before, the future of the railway is solid. For a dedicated candidate, a career transition into this sector will be a very challenging but highly rewarding choice.

Why choose RT Training Solutions?

For many years RT Training Solutions has been at the forefront of all Rail Industry related technical and safety training.

As ‘National Training Award Winners’ we are aware that our increasing success is due to our continuous focus on excellence, competence and the ability to evolve.

Our main training facilities which are located  in Ipswich (Suffolk), houses in excess of 10,000 square feet of indoor practical training space. This area hosts an extensive array of signalling, telecoms and electrical equipment installed within a trackside setting.

Our practical space is interlinked with a host of modern, comfortable theory rooms and our reception Coffee Lounge boasts comfortable seating, LCD TV, drinks, snacks and free Wi-Fi internet access.

Employment Opportunities

The rail sector offers one of the most diverse employment opportunities within the UK. A large number of employers who work on or near the Network Rail infrastructure are always looking for reliable skilled staff in many areas, Some of the jobs always requiring vacancies to be filled are listed below:

I.R.S.E. Approved personnel,    Installers,    Wirers,    Test Engineers

Module Testers,    Point Fitters,    Safety Critical Personnel,    Lookouts

Labourers,    Stores Personnel,    Technical Clerks,    Mechanical & Electrical Draughters

Signal Design Engineers,    Project Engineers,    Electricians,    Mechanical Fitters

Vehicle Builders,    Interior Trimmers,    Sprayers,    Electrical & Electronic

Fault Technicians,    Performance/Maintenance Engineers,    Design Engineers,    Commissioning Engineers

Project Managers,    Skill Assessors

For information regarding how to get qualified for any of the careers listed above please contact Richard Willsher on 01473 242344, or fill out our Request Form here.