Rail Training Equipment

Under Track Crossing

This is for RT Training Solutions to provide a more realistic environment for running of cable, jointing both copper and fibre and testing of cables for Signalling and Telecoms training courses.

To facilitate this, an Under Track Crossing (UTX) has been constructed, consisting of two chambers on either side of a section of track connected by a horizontal section that passes under the rail.

This will allow candidates to experience running of a cable, jointing and testing in conditions and constraints that reflect the real world, thus adding value to their training experience.

The candidate will be able practice feeding the cable under the track from one chamber to the other, then perform the joint in the second and feed the cable back to the first chamber, where the cable can be tested for Continuity. Insulation and Loop testing of the cable can also be performed.

This installation can also be utilised for testing courses. In addition to the normal tests that are carried out, simulated faults can be introduced to enable candidates to perform fault finding in a more realistic situation.

Other Equipment

The RT Training Solutions school has a vast array of different signalling equipment, only some of which are shown below. For a complete list of the equipment we have installed and use for our Training Courses, or for any enquiry about our Training Facilities, please contact us.

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